Caderus Capital, a Russian-Chinese investment company and the official representative for China of the Moscow Exchange, together with the Moscow city government, the Moscow Exchange, the Chinese Asset Management Association and the Chinese Insurance Asset Management Association, organized and successfully conducted three investment conferences in Beijing and in Shanghai during last week.

Igor Karpachev becomes Managing director of Caderus Capital. Igor will be focusing on providing financial solutions in Switzerland for Russian and Chinese clients of Caderus Capital.

Igor has an extensive experience at management and top-management levels in various client-oriented businesses in a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Andrei Akopian, Managing director of Caderus Capital, was invited as a member of the jury of the Start-up Weekend organised during the first weekend of February 2014 by Unusual Concepts, with the financial support form the Life banking group (project website:

During the competition, generators of business ideas had to first attract enthusiastic supporters to create implementation teams. Then they have to go through all major implementation issues and to prove existing or potential demand for their new product or service. At the end of the event they had to present their business idea and the first prototype created during the weekend.

A total of 6 projects were presented, and the jury selected the winning project and team to get financial support from the Life banking group.