Caderus Capital latest investment webinar with participation of Sergei Klinkov, head of the International Relations Department of the Central Bank of Russia and Maria Kharlashkina, deputy head of strategy of the Moscow Exchange.

Chinese New year greetings accompanied by an overview of the latest and forthcoming reforms of the financial market infrastructure in Russia.

We have in this webinar participation from Maria Kharlashkina, deputy head of strategy of the Moscow Exchange, and Vladimir Shapovalov, at the Financial markets development department of the Central bank of Russia.

They are sharing with us their impressions of 2017 and their expectations for 2018.

As Sino-Russian relationships have reached a historically high point and since both political and economic ties between the two countries have been growing stronger by the day, the focus is turning to the bilateral investment cooperation. Being at the forefront of this process, we clearly see opportunities and are ready to make our contribution to bringing investment communities of our two countries closer together.

Caderus Capital, the official representative for China of the Moscow Exchange, along with representatives of the Moscow Exchange, the Bank of Russia (the Russian Central bank) hosted our very first investment webinar on September 27th (Wednesday). During the webinar we discussed the current investment environment and trends in Russia.