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Chinese and Russian investment opportunities

Over 30 years of uninterrupted economic growth have positioned China among the leaders of the world economy. The yuan is an ever more widely used global currency, which also drives up its value versus many other currencies. The fundamental reforms program announced by the Chinese leadership at the end of 2013 is targeting liberalisation of capital markets and capital controls. Many major investors and analysts expect Chinese currency and investment assets appreciation going forward.

Russia is very rich in natural resources. This is one of the reasons why there are so few internationally recognised consumer brands from Russia, and more than half of its exports are raw materials. However, the Russian economy has substantial unrealised potential and any systemic improvement of its business climate could unlock significant system-wide value creation and long-term economic growth. We believe that the raw materials-based development cycle in Russia is over and this will soon create unique opportunities for business development, as well as direct and portfolio investments into Russia.

We can introduce you to investment opportunities in Russia and in China, and assist in the execution of your selected strategy.


Direct investment
in China

Assisting corporate M&A strategy implementation in China. Market analysis, target search, negotiations and transaction structuring. Advising on external deal financing, co-investing. Venture capital and private equity investment in Chinese private companies.

Investment in Chinese

Structuring portfolio investment in Chinese equities in cooperation with one of the largest asset management companies in China. Own investment platform. Dedicated subfund for sizeable investments.

Chinese direct and portfolio investment

Caderus Capital represents interests of a major Chinese state-owned private equity fund looking for potential investment targets and investment opportunities in companies headquartered in countries along the One Belt, One Road.


Fund raising
in China

Structuring and arranging financing for companies and projects raising equity and debt capital in China. Structuring and executing cross-border M&A transactions. State-owned, private and individual investors from China. Venture capital and private equity investment.

China strategy
for corporates

Designing and implementing mainland China capital market positioning for foreign listed companies and non-public corporates. Interaction with the mainland investment industry professionals. Private placements in China. Introducing high-profile minority shareholders from China.

Chinese market for growing companies

Building a local platform for foreign companies to enter the mainland China market. Building partnerships for local development and expansion. Private placements for foreign companies.


Chinese market research and news updates

Proprietary research based on primary data analysis and interactions with sector professionals. News updates on China. Chinese equity and fixed income market updates and analysis. Statistics and analysis of the Chinese worldwide direct and portfolio investment.

Research for Chinese investors

Periodic publications of economic and financial updates on Russia for the Chinese investor audience. Regular updates on Russian capital markets: equities, fixed income.  Interaction with and research distribution through major Chinese financial online media.

Investment webinars and online conferences

Investment webinars for Chinese investment audience, with participation from the Moscow Exchange and the regulator. Arranging online conferences in partnership with top Chinese Internet media. Organising direct and portfolio investment conferences in China and in Russia.


partnership network in China and in Russia