About Us

Investment solutions for Russia and China

Caderus Capital was first established in 2003. Over the last more than 10 years, Caderus Capital has been advising Russian and international institutional and private clients, designing and implementing comprehensive financial and investment solutions for our clients.

Our expertise is setting up and managing investment flows between Russia and China. This expertise is based on the financial, consulting and managerial experience of our team accumulated over years of investment banking and investment activities in Russia, China and developed markets.

Using our unique expertise and broad network of contacts in the financial industry in China and in Russia, we offer a range of investment advisory and consulting services in the two markets.

In the beginning of 2016 Caderus Capital signed a long-term partnership agreement with the Moscow Exchange. Caderus will be acting as representative of the Moscow Exchange in China and will interact with Chinese institutional investors helping them to invest in Russian financial and investment instruments.

Caderus belongs to a group of individuals involved in the management of the company and is not under any influence from any financial or industrial groups or any other organizations or bodies. We fully value our independence as a conditio sine qua non, which allows us to offer our clients optimal solutions with full confidentiality.