Caderus Capital latest investment webinar with participation of Sergei Klinkov, head of the International Relations Department of the Central Bank of Russia and Maria Kharlashkina, deputy head of strategy of the Moscow Exchange.

Chinese New year greetings accompanied by an overview of the latest and forthcoming reforms of the financial market infrastructure in Russia.

Китайские банки в январе 2018 года увеличили выдачу новых кредитов в национальной валюте почти в 5 раз - до рекордных 2,9 трлн юаней ($458 млрд) по сравнению с 584,4 млрд юаней в декабре, свидетельствуют данные Народного банка КНР (НБК, Центробанк страны). Рынок в среднем ожидал повышения до немногим более 2 трлн юаней.

We have in this webinar participation from Maria Kharlashkina, deputy head of strategy of the Moscow Exchange, and Vladimir Shapovalov, at the Financial markets development department of the Central bank of Russia.

They are sharing with us their impressions of 2017 and their expectations for 2018.

Specific path new regulator will take is still being worked out by officials.

The newly established national financial regulatory body is designed to be the top-level executor and coordinator of the State Council's macroeconomic policies rather than to only safeguard the inflated financial sector, according to experts directly involved in the committee's preparatory work.