Press Releases

Caderus Capital, the Russian-Chinese investment firm and the official representative of the Moscow Exchange for China, has, in cooperation with the Moscow Exchange, launched a new format of regular interactive communication with a growing audience of Chinese financiers, investment managers and analysts, expressing interest in the Russian financial markets and investment instruments.

The 30-minute Chinese-spoken webinar touched upon the Russian macroeconomic situation and the financial markets. Following an initial discussion of the main trends in the Russian economy in the context of the previous years prepared and presented by Caderus Capital, Sofia Donets, head of research of the monetary policy department of the Bank of Russia, shared the Russian Central bank’s economic forecast for the coming years. Maria Kharlashkina, deputy head of strategy of the Moscow Exchange, gave an overview of the Russian capital markets.

Andrei Akopian, managing partner of Caderus Capital, said: “We believe that the webinar format allows us to deliver relevant and up-to-date information about the Russian financial markets to the professional investment audience in China in a succinct interactive format.

Despite the geographic neighbouring position, the common history and complementary economic and political interests of our two countries, bilateral investment cooperation is still at a very early stage. One of the main reasons for such indecisiveness with regard to direct and portfolio investment from China, as confirmed by numerous Chinese institutional and corporate investors in our interactions with them, is the lack of information about the Russian investment instruments and the Russian macro.

Therefore, building on our cooperation with the Moscow Exchange with the view to develop relationships with the Chinese investment community we have created a new channel for interactive communication trying to help fill this information vacuum.

We are very grateful to Sofia and Maria for their participation in our first webinar and will be very glad to see them and their colleagues in our future events.”

About Caderus Capital

Caderus Capital is a Russian-Chinese investment company offering investment banking and consulting services to companies and institutional as well as private investors in Russia and in China. Caderus Capital is assisting Chinese and Russian corporates and investors in cross-border market entry, and is involved in a number of M&A and private equity transactions in finance, mining and other sectors.

In January 2016, Caderus Capital was appointed official representative in China for the Moscow Exchange, and as such Caderus Capital has participated in the structuring of the offshore RMB- bond market in Russia, in creating a listing channel in Moscow for Chinese corporates and in developing a dialogue with major investment banks and institutional investors in the PRC.