Economics and Reforms

A growing number of Chinese cities are gradually resuming flights that were suspended due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus epidemic.

The Northern city of Tianjin has resumed some domestic flights, including to XI'an, Haikou, Sanya, Urumqi, Hohhot, and Chongqing. It is expected that there will be 72 daily flights from the city between 27 and 29 February. In the first half of March, it is planned to launch 244 flights a day.

The capital of Sichuan province, Chengdu, resumed nine international cargo flights and opened a new flight on February 27, linking Beijing, Chengdu and Cairo. On the morning of local time on February 28, a direct route between Chengdu and Frankfurt was opened after a 21-day break. This flight was the first resumed among international flights. Chengdu is also preparing to resume 26 more international flights by the end of February.